March 26, 2017

Hosted PBX

Time for a new phone system? Never again.

The DCSI Hosted PBX platform is a cloud-powered phone system that never wears out and never has hardware failures.

Our Hosted PBX platform resides in a secured data center, on a high availability compute stack with redundant voice transport paths resulting in the highest reliability solution possible.

Paired with our MPLS WAN service to ensure that your branch offices are always reachable, your PBX is secured in your private network with a private link to your VoIP service. Our VoIP service can drastically reduce your call costs.

Compatibility with a wide range of VoIP enabled handsets and our internal development team means your PBX can be customized to fit the exact needs for your business.

Please contact us for a demonstration and cost evaluation of our PBX and VoIP solution.