March 26, 2017


When security, functionality and performance are no-compromise requirements, a DCSI MPLS WAN is the smartest choice you can make.

If you have 2, or 200 sites to reach, the any-to-any functionality of our MPLS WAN service ensures that you get the maximum value from the your multi-site network. DCSI’s extensive¬†Gippsland and Melbourne network allows for the ultimate in efficiency in our region and our integration with 3rd party network providers allows us to provide solution’s on a national scale.

With self-healing functionality and guaranteed availability, you can rest assured that your private WAN network will securely deliver your data across your organisation – anytime you need it.

Your MPLS WAN is 100% compatible to integrate to our Cloud platform, Hosted PBX and Managed Security services, allowing us to eliminate your performance challenges, unnecessary infrastructure capital costs and business disruptions due to technology with one system and one guarantee.

When it’s time that technology worked for you, contact us to arrange a consultation.